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Let's Summon Demons

Let's Summon Demons

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Unleash abominations, discover hidden spell words, and practice the dark art of colouring in the lines with this fiendishly clever colouring and activity book from artist Steven Rhodes. Here are dozens of surreally funny, retro-inspired parody designs such as Alien Abduction Club, Here Comes the Apocalypse, Death Metal Sing-Along, and Portal to the Cat Dimension, all rendered in spooky black and white and ready for you to add your unearthly colouring inspiration.

But that’s not all! Try if you dare the uncannily entertaining activities inside. Join the dots to see what abomination Julie has unleashed into the world. Roll the dice to see which of your friends can be abducted by aliens first. Plus sinister shadow puppets, occult career selector paper dolls, spot the clowns in the graveyard, and other chilling chill-out colouring and activity fun times for ghouls and gargoyles alike.

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