I'm Surrounded By Twats Cotton/Linen Scented Soy Candle

I'm Surrounded By Twats Cotton/Linen Scented Soy Candle

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Work colleagues a bunch of twats? Maybe it's the people you live with? Let them know what you think with this not so subtle candle.

Lollyrocket's on trend Amber Apothecary style jars create a gorgeous cosy glow as the beautifully scented candle burns.
Not only will you be able to enjoy approximately 50 hours of glorious scent; these vegan friendly candles are the gift that keep on giving because once the candle has been used up, the jar can be washed and re-purposed to plant a small cactus or succulent or used as a cute little keepsake storage pot.

Hand poured by Lollyrocket, at home since 2009. Their candles are made in small batches using the highest grade 100% natural soy wax & the finest quality fragrance oils for great quality and beautiful scent from the first to the last burn.

Cotton and linen: Top notes of violet & lily of the valley blended with soft balsamic notes, amber, gardenia & lavender