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Great British Moan Off

Great British Moan Off

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Ever been to the hairdressers and received an awful haircut, but still told your stylist you love it? Yeah, us too. And that’s basically the premise of Great British Moan Off. It’s the British etiquette-based “Who’s most likely to” card game that tests players on the absurdity of social behaviour in the UK.

Here’s how it plays out… 

Dave: “Who’s most likely to… criticise other nationalities on account of their inability to speak English?
Karen: “That’s not something I’d do.”
Wendy: “That’s definitely you Karen!”
Dave: “Karen.”
Paul: “Karen. Without a doubt.”

Karen then gets that card. And at the end, each player tallies their cards; the one with the most is the most British of all. God save the queen!

Great British Moan Off is the party game for adults based on typically British things. You’ll be surprised at just how absurd we all are…


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