Crescent Luna Earrings
Materia Rica

Crescent Luna Earrings

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The full moon is looking at us whilst illuminating our dreams. 

The cosmic woman and moon within the artist Lisa Junius are converted into laser-cut and hand-painted jewels. Light white and blue shades colour the range bringing us the message: "Trust your own power; the Universe is within you."

This pair of earrings will illuminate your smile during the day and will enhance and empower you with moon energy after dark.


> Each wooden piece of the earring measures approx 25 x 22mm.
> All the designs are original and genuinely crafted at the Barcelona workshop.
> All the woods are sourced responsibly in the UK using only FSC approved suppliers.
> Materia Rica only use antiallergic and nickel free findings made in Spain.
> Packaging 100% recyclable and respectful with the environment.