The Bean Hive By The Sea Falmouth.

Hello, We are the Falmouth Team Bean!

I’m Em, the original Bean’s daughter and the Director of The Bean Hive by the Sea. I moved to Falmouth 6+ years ago for my history undergrad degree at The University of Exeter and ended up staying for my postgrad have pretty much been here ever since.

Falmouth is a really cool seaside town with a thriving arts scene. We’re so happy to be a part of this colourful community! I have always been beige-phobic, so I’m on a quest to make the world more colourful! We’re proud to be the most colourful shop in town.

The shop is, quite literally, crammed full with quirky colourful things that are not easily available elsewhere. You can find our other business, Mrs Norris, in the back rooms of our shop, supplying you with sustainable vintage clothing and cool art! I’m also an artist, I make lots of playful colourful things that are available in the shop. My most popular pieces are my vibrant pom pom mirrors!