Moley and the Tigers

Helloo I'm Em, aka Moley!
My family have been calling me Moley for years due to my terrible eyesight that did, for 5+ years leave me very close to total Blindless.  Obviously that was a very stressful and sad time for me.  But, it has helped shape who I am today and made me even prouder of all the things I've achieved in life, so I really love my nickname (moles have awful eyesight FYI). 
I am obsessed with colour, particularly in the form of pom poms!  I make all sorts of things & i'll be expanding my range when I get my tufting gun!  I never did art or DT at achool (art teachers always told me I was crap, so I droped those subjects as soon as I could), so I can't say my creations are particularly neat, but I like them!  I like that a lot of my pieces are very childish and colourful, it's exactly how I want them to look, fun!
I'm excited to share all of my creations with you!

Peace n Love, Em @moley.and.the.tigers