How To Create Stylish Pumpkins With Doodle Moo

How To Create Stylish Pumpkins With Doodle Moo

It's not too late to have a go at making one of these gorgeous pumpkin creations designed by Emily - founder & designer at DoodleMoo.  One of the many stunning independent lifestyle brands we sell here at the Bean Hive.


It's one of Emily's favourite times of the year when her and her boys get to decorate their pumpkins! They absolutely love this spooky season and every year they try to combine their Doodlemoo designs with Halloween to make some fun pumpkin designs.

Here are some tips and details of the materials they used to achieve their vibrant colours and great coverage:

TIP 1 ~ 

If you have a rough idea of what you want to make then you can figure out what size and shaped pumpkin or gourd suits best.  A ghost gourd for example looks so good left bare and painted with some little details, like eyes or a mouth. But sometimes its best to improvise and be inspired by the odd shapes they come in and just go for it.

TIP 2 ~ 

Raid your shed or cupboards for any left over wall paint or tester pots you have around. Also combine with any acrylic paints if you have any at home. It helps to have a bit of a colour scheme in mind, unless you’re going for something really multi colourful.  Pink features a lot in the DoodleMoo brand so that’s the main colour they use a lot, then black and also teal.

TIP 3 ~ 

Tool yourself up with lots of different sized brushes, this will allow you to do all sorts of details. After you’ve painted make sure you let each coat dry well, you might need a couple of coats.  Acrylics usually dry very quickly so are better for details, and should you make any mistakes don't worry, just let it dry and go over it again with the base colour. Most of all be patient!

TIP 4 ~ 

If you want some of your pumpkins to have details then you can use stickers, or cut some paper to stick on and paint on. You will need a steady hand and some patience. But if this is the effect you are after then you can download the free DoodleMoo sticker sheet here


Doodlemoo StickerSheet
Doodlemoo StickerSheet

TIP 5 ~ 

Have fun and remember anything goes! Paint them like a rainbow if you're feeling colourful, or have a go at monochrome, with lots of different tones of one colour. 

Don't forget to share your creations with us and DoodleMoo and tag us on socials. 

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