Get Festival Ready with Some Bean Hive Inspiration!

Get Festival Ready with Some Bean Hive Inspiration!

You've booked your tickets, festival season is looming, but what now? You need some Bean Hive festival inspiration!  Here's some must-have items, of course!...

1. Rainbow Poncho

Perfect for keeping you smiling even if the weather isn't, this cute poncho folds up into its own rainbow shaped pouch.  It's one size fits all, and the functional design allows the poncho to be quickly folded up for ease of carrying.  

2. Toadstool Earrings

Adorn yourself with the magical charm of a toadstool or two. These mushroom studs are adorable, and the shiny metallic acrylic mirror used to create these beauties means you'll catch the eye of a few too!

3. Rainbow Bag Strap

No need to buy a new bag, just update your existing bag with this fabulous rainbow bag strap. A simple and low-cost way to update your festival accessories.

4. Beard Comb Tool

Comb, nail file, nail cleaner, flat head screwdriver, bottle opener, what more do you need?!

5. I Miss Drugs

The perfect mug for your morning coffee

6. Filthy Scrubber Soap

Everyone loves a Filthy Scrubber! This lovely soap with leave you squeaky clean and filth-free!

7. Nudie Toothbrush Set

Pack this humorous toothbrush set, made from sustainable bamboo which is naturally antimicrobial and biodegradable too!


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