Building the website!

Building the website!

'Oh no it's lockdown we cried!' Our beautiful pink shop has had to shut and the first week we all got used to being at home but then thoughts turned to what do we do during this time we are made to stay at home apart from enjoying the glorious sunshine and getting a tan?  Except for  Jarrod who has been swept off his feet with Randalls and his online shop - it has gone mental Countrywide! We are so very proud of him (and secretly wish we had set up our website before now!)

So Mrs Bean (Davina, Queen Bee, Bean Hive Owner and whatever her hubby wants to call her!) decided right now we have been blessed with the time to build our website which has been on the back burner as we are all so incredibly busy normally.

One of our traders Becky from League of Mothers has been during her maternity leave prior to lockdown laying the foundations of building the site - which myself and Dvina are now working on - I'm having fun learning everything about shopify and navigating round it, once you know it is pretty easy whilst Davina is doing boring bits like writing policies (yawn) and in time to come our beautiful Amber will be ensuring all the photographs are up to scratch with her fantastic photography.

Anyhow back to building pages n stuff! Peace and love Paula x

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