9 weeks later.....

9 weeks later.....


Behind the scene Team Bean are working really hard on building our website and preparing the shop ready for our phased reopening. 

 If you have passed our little pink shop this week,  you will notice it is looking loved again.  We have never been happier to see our window cleaner, 9 weeks dirt is not a good look.   Danielle has been painting everything in sight including our rather sexy new card wall and our new shop mascot.  Lizzy and I have been cleaning and titivating the front shop between counting thousands and thousands of products. 


We are hoping to launch our website on 12th June with click and collect from the shop together with local and postal deliveries from the 15th. We don’t know when we will properly reopen but we will as soon as it is safe to do so . 


We always planned a website but this one is somewhat bigger than originally planned. Without this giant Covid curveball we would never have had time for something so ambitious.  We have done it all in house with limited prior knowledge and I am so proud of Paula and Becky who have worked ridiculous hours and are now shopify pros. 


Love Bean x

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